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Full, downloadable versions of all the songs you just sampled on Jules’ new Legacy album – One Tear Too Late, Half a Man, This is Killing Me Tonight, Cookin’ at Home Tonight, ‘Til You Walk Right Back to Me, Evening Train and Galveston Bay. Plus, the bonus spoken-word track, The Legacy You Leave.


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Hangout with Jules

Hangout with Jules once a month right in his living room! Jules is hosting monthly themed Hangouts on Google+ and he’ll entertain you right in your living room! Gather your family and friends ‘round because he’ll be sitting next to his wood burning stove and grandfather clock playing and singing… his favorites – and your favorites (he’ll take your requests) – the world’s most loved country and pop standards.





Harlan Howard

Country classics and songs from songwriting masters like Roy Orbison, Merle Haggard, Kris Kristofferson and Jules’ dear friend, the late, Hall of Fame songwriting legend Harlan Howard, who wrote “I Fall to Pieces”.




Favorite hymns and spiritual classics.


The “raw” songs from Legacy with just him and his guitar, just as they were presented to the top session players in Nashville.


Songs he’s writing now and will record in the near future (he’ll want to hear your opinion!)



No worries if you can’t make it to any Hangout with Jules, we archive every one and you’ll have access to every minute of every show! Who knows, he might even host a few around the fire pit in his riverfront backyard or even on his boat – the Miss Maggie!



It’s NOT only Country Music!


Jules will give you every song he recorded in his four spiritual CD’s – His Call, His Will, Favorite Hymns Volume 1 and Favorite Hymns Volume 2 – and, his “live off the floor” ultra- romantic 14-song, Rendezvous. Every week you’ll be adding more Jules to your music library!


Jules will also give you every song from his 1987, RCA-distributed “Jules” album that garnered a top-3 and top-5 position on the charts as well as nominations for Country Music Association Top Male Vocalist and Outstanding New Canadian Artist of the Year landing him center stage on the popular Canadian variety television show, The Tommy Hunter Show.

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You’ll be privy to Jules’ Private Writings, sure to make you think or smile or even shed a tear. You’ll share in the personal memories of Jules and his 40-year, storied music history. You’ll laugh at times and cry at others as he shares the highs and lows, the wonderful successes and the tremendous disappointments both at home in Canada and in Nashville. He holds nothing back… a testament to the power of belief!




You’ll be intrigued to learn the stories behind Jules’ large collection of guitars, some very rare. You might remember the song “Every Picture Tells a Story.” In his, well, guitar case, every guitar does:-)



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Are YOU Up for some inspired Motivation Too?

Wisdom of Some Sages: Much of Jules’ music is inspiring and even ‘healing’ in nature as evidenced by what people have said about him (see The Accolades) but imagine having Jules’ rich baritone voice in your ear every other day speaking some of the world’s most profound, life-changing wisdom and quotations. He even includes some of his own!


Inspiring Friends While many country artists have “rowdy” friends, Jules’ friends are inspirational! Share in the memory of his robust friendship with the late, legendary motivational speaker, Charlie “Tremendous” Jones which led to Jules’ prestigious performance in the famed Crystal Cathedral.



Rick Beneteau

Meet, and be motivated by more of Jules’ amazingly giving and wise friends that include spiritual teacher (and student, his partner in Legacy) Rick Beneteau, founder of the highly-endorsed humanitarian organization, 10 Million Clicks For Peace. Rick’s work in the world is publicly acknowledged and endorsed by a Nobel Peace Prize winner and many others revered in the public eye. Rick has year’s worth of powerful information and inspirational content that he’ll share to lift your spirit and make your life so much richer! Rick includes his best-of-the-best blog posts for the past seven years, his personal quotes and articles that are featured in some of the top personal development publications in the world and he’ll give you chapters from his award-winning book along with his inspiring videos and popular “charts” and spoken word creations. Also, Rick is eager to share all of his fully-produced motivational songs with you!


Jules and Richi

Wisdom from Jules’ little buddy? You bet! Included in this collection of life-affirming content is Richi and we won’t say anything more except he can’t wait to share “Things I’ve Learned from Richi” with you. You’ll be inspired!




If all this isn’t enough, we’re going to give you the top 50 self-help and personal development classics of all time. Titles like James Allen’s, As a Man Thinketh; Napoleon Hill’s, Think and Grow Rich; and Kalhil Gibran’s, The Prophet!





Before Rick started his humanitarian organization in 2006, he had one of the most popular personal growth podcasts inviting many of the top personal growth and spiritual experts to his show. He will share the best-of-the-best podcast episodes guaranteed to inspire and enlighten.



EXTRA SPECIAL: In 2002, Rick had a top-selling e-Book – the first of its kind that bridged the concepts of Success and Spirituality – called, Success: A Spiritual Matter. It shook up the Internet business world because within its 200+ pages, he interviewed world famous entrepreneurs like master motivator, the late Jim Rohn, and future Hall of Fame NFL quarterback, Drew Bledsoe (now retired and a very successful entrepreneur) as well as a dozen other well-known ‘conscious entrepreneurs’. Today, this kind of wisdom is commonplace – then it was a revelation! In your second month of membership, Rick will deliver his $49.97 e-Book (available here: and all the wonderful bonuses including an audio of that special Jim Rohn interview. Even if you’re not entrepreneurial, you will certainly know someone who will soak up the sage business advice in this hugely successful book!


You’ll also receive the opportunity to get beautiful FREE Posters of Peace, courtesy of 10 Million Clicks for Peace, for just the cost of shipping and handling. These frameable works of art serve to remind us of a life well-lived and will inspire all who come into contact with them.



We’re sure you’re aware that there are inspirational and personal development courses out there that charge hundreds and even thousands of dollars for content like this, but we’re going to inspire your life beyond what you can probably even imagine right now for the cost of just two lattes a month!


BUT even if you’re not a fan of country music…


Jules’ sidekick, Rick, had a great career as a POP songwriter back during the time he and Jules worked together. This two-time Billboard Magazine Song Competition winner shares his best-of-the-best songs, some recorded by very famous recording artists. So, if you’re not a die-hard country music fan, and prefer quality pop and rock songs instead, you’ll certainly get your fill within these pages! Here’s a sample of a song Rick wrote and produced in 1995 for Barbara Payton (hers is the female voice you hear in Kid Rock’s “All Summer Long“) that charted in Canada:


Walk on Water



Where else can you find authentic country music and mainstream POP music PLUS never-ending servings of spirit-lifting inspiration all in one place?

Frankly, we’re not aware of any recording artist who is willing to invite his fans into his life and home quite the way Jules is doing right here, and right now. And as if this wasn’t enough, here’s…

The Crème de la Crème


The entire purpose of Jules’ Living Room is create a fun and inspired community of like-minded people. Some may love country music, some pop or rock music, but all will benefit from, and want to contribute to, the awesome inspiration that will brighten your day – every day. Afterall, the world can use ALL the inspiration it can get, right? So we’ve created the Jules’ Living Room Community where you can smile a little more, laugh a little harder and perhaps shed a few more tears of joy and otherwise be further inspired! And most importantly, you will personally connect with – and inspire – our ever-growing group of people who simply desire a better life for themselves – and the world!



And just for taking our FREE Trial You Get to Keep
these Special Inspirational Bonuses from Jules and Friends

Jules wants you to have these awesome inspirational bonuses even if you decide not to go beyond the 7-day FREE trial:



BONUS #1: “Two Hearts” – Jules’ biggest Canadian hit that landed him nominations for Country Music Association Top Male Vocalist and Outstanding New Canadian Artist of the Year as well as an appearance on the iconic Tommy Hunter Show.




BONUS #2: “Amedie”, French for “immediate family”, is a light-hearted but deeply personal tribute to a man who Jules considered a mentor and father figure, from his “live” album, “Rendezvous.”




BONUS #3: “Morning Has Been All Night Coming” – full-length inspirational eBook from revered spiritual teacher and best-selling author, John Harricharan, one of Rick’s great soul friends.




BONUS #4: “The Happy Hungarian Watchmaker” – beautiful eBook filled with love and light by Rick’s partner in 10 Million Clicks For Peace, Julian Kalmar. Your heart will be warmed as Julian shares his memories of a true craftsman, his grandfather.



BONUS #5: “The Price of Leadership” eBook by Jules’ great friend and mentor to millions, the late Charlie “Tremendous” Jones. You will recall that it was their friendship that led to Jules’ performing in Robert Shuller‘s, Crystal Cathedral.


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The following 1:51 video served as the inspiration for Jules’ Living Room on a number of levels and we feel that joining this community and experiencing Jules’ live-large life, his friends, his stories, and the spirit-building content we’ll consistently deliver will in fact, help you to leave a wider, deeper and more beautiful legacy of your own. You have nothing to lose taking advantage of our FREE 7-day trial. If you don’t feel Jules’ Living Room will benefit your life, simply cancel and your account will not be charged. We certainly don’t feel this will be the case and we look forward to you becoming an Important part of our vibrant, giving and fun community!



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