Kid, you’ve got a big heart and you’ve got three top-ten records here but they’ll never sign you in this town.”
Harlan Howard, Hall of Fame songwriter of hits such as “Busted” and “I Fall to Pieces.”

Jules Gouin is a gifted musician with a big heart! I have had the privilege of observing and working with him in a number of different settings. As Chaplain with the Windsor Police Service I have found him to be always willing to bring his gift to the annual Memorial-Appreciation Service held each year during police week to remember members who have died the previous year. I readily observe, in the faces of the grieving family members, how his music touches them at a vulnerable time in the healing way. I would heartily recommend engaging Jules in any number of settings for I’m confident that people will be given inspiration and hope.”
Rev. Dr. Chuck Congram, Chaplain, Windsor Police Service and Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Jules has a vast knowledge of music and the meaning behind the songs.  It is one thing to play but even more important to know what you’re playing and how it relates to the family being served.
Brian Parent, Founder/President Families First Funeral Homes

Thank you for utilizing the gifts that God has given you. We use your music here at the LTC facility, especially in the chapel and the residents enjoy your voice and how you sing the various christian songs.  Very soothing and calming in a world filled with tension, anxiety and stress. God bless you.
Rev. Derek Davis

I love Jules’ site. It is absolutely delightful! It brings a spark of joy into the day. What Jules offers is warm and loving, with an inspiring vitality. A touch of Spirit that will be a blessing to many.
Constance Sophia Eykman, The Netherlands


Here are a few comments from the media over the years…

By the third time through I was hooked, trying to decide which I liked best — the ballads, the hand-clapping rockers, or the gospel-influenced celebrations. ‘This’, I told myself, ‘is a winner of an album.'” Jack Hurst, Windsor Star

“Jules exudes a quiet confidence. He is in a new generation of creative artist inspired by the early heroes. He is a singer who respects his talent as God-given and believes it is his responsibility to nurture it.” Suzanne Mitchell, Windsor This Month

Jules has the wonderful ability to reach deep inside people with his music. He can trigger a special memory, unlock emotions that have been buried inside for years and soothe troubled minds.” Carol Derbyshire, Director, Hospice of Windsor

The compassion with which you sang was most inspirational and touching.” Royal Canadian Mounted Police (after the memorial of the four RCMP officers murdered in Saskatchewan in 2005)

On behalf of Dr. Robert Schuller and the Crystal Cathedral we would like to give you our heartfelt thanks for making this an incredible event. Your music impacted every man in attendance.” Robert Cavinder, Pastor, Crystal Cathedral Family/Men’s Ministries

Some of the hundreds of comments from the Life Celebration ceremonies Jules performed at

Awesome. Inspiring. Beautiful. The dictionary could never count words of inspiration. Your music and your talent will never die.”

Family and friends were deeply moved by your talents and above all, your gentleness.”

The manner in which you use your musical talent is of such beautiful service to others. At a time when one feels so numb, your voice stirs the souls of those left behind so the tears can flow and the healing can begin. Thank you.”

Jules helps us get in touch with our inner thoughts and feelings. Music speaks to our hearts in a way that the spoken word cannot.”

You have such a unique and special way of bringing peace and tranquility at a difficult time.”

Your wonderful gift of songs and music, your gracious, precious presence was such a blessing for us.”

In Mom’s eyes, she only wanted Jules at her funeral – no one else could do it like you.”

I found such incredible peace in your voice.”

You turned a very difficult day into a day my Dad would be proud of.”

Your singing that day filled the room not only with inspiration and dignity but with class immensely.”

I have told my daughters that when my days are over, I would like you to sing me ‘home.’”

Your talent is a gift from God to soothe the souls of the mourning ones.”

Your music was able to express all the love and emotions that we were having difficulty voicing ourselves and somehow you gave all of us peace and joy at this difficult time.”

I can appreciate that there may be more lucrative avenues for you to explore, but I think you know you are performing an invaluable ministry.”

Your voice and music were overwhelming at my son’s funeral. You are so inspiring, Jules. I have been an admirer of yours for some years and now more have been added to your list!.”

Never forget your gift touches people’s lives and hearts and is so much appreciated and felt.”

More comments.



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