Sparky’s Toy Drive Goes Global!

Will the need for Christmas toys in Windsor be felt around the rest of the world? That question remains to be answered as Jules and team prepare for the global launch of The Magical mp3.

Jules, who had two top-10 Canadian country hits in the mid 1980’s, and who for 25 years has been comforting families with his music after the death of a loved one, recently recorded a 24-song album of the world’s most beloved Christmas songs. Called The Peace of Christmas, the CD has been helping fill the coffers of the Windsor Firefighters’ Sparky’s Toy Drive. His appearance at this years Chilifest, the kickoff for the toy drive where he donated $5.00 from every CD sold, raised over $1,000.00 for the cause.

The idea to take this fundraising effort beyond the borders of Windsor and create the global The Magical MP3 campaign was that of Internet marketing pioneer turned humanitarian non-profit co-founder, Rick Beneteau, former owner of Master Cleaners in Windsor. In 2001, Rick founded The Internet Toy Drive in direct affiliation with the U.S. Marine’s Toys for Tots charity and with NFL superstar Drew Bledsoe as his sponsor, the campaign raised tens of thousands of dollars for a decade.

“I’ve known and worked with Jules since 1992 and to marry the idea of using his truly peaceful Christmas music to help families in need in our community to my background in Internet marketing and raising donations for kids at Christmas, well, The Magical mp3 became a no-brainer.”, Rick said.

Jules will be donating all profits from all $9.95 (US) mp3 sales until December 25th to Sparky’s Toy Drive.

Rick was quick to add, “In today’s hurry, scurry, worry world people really need to wind down during the holidays and a great way to do that is by listening to The Peace of Christmas. And just knowing that a child who may otherwise not receive a single gift under the tree will indeed get a toy this Christmas morning because you bought the mp3, well, it doesn’t get much more magical than that!

Respected spiritual teacher, Krystalya Marie´, has been helping Jules and Rick gather experts in the personal development and spiritual fields to support the campaign by sending emails to their worldwide lists and broadcasting through their social media channels. Rick dipped back into his past to enlist the support of some of the marketing experts he has remained in touch with since leaving that niche to pursue his non-profit work. Together, as of November 19th, they have over 500,000 emails and a lot of social media support pledged between U.S. Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

The Magical mp3 promotion page is at:

Rick concludes, “The big question for us was whether people in the U.S. or Europe or Australia would support a toy drive in a small Canadian city. Each year the Internet becomes more crowded and it’s more difficult to get your message heard but our team is confident people around the globe will resonate with, and support our local toy drive. A famous quote from Pablo Casals comes to mind, ‘The love of one’s country is a splendid thing. But why should love stop at the border’?”

Jules will be handing Sparky a check for CD and mp3 sales a week before Christmas in time for toys to be purchased by the Windsor Firefighters.

For further information about The Magical mp3 contact Rick Beneteau during business hours at 519-800-9199 or by email at

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